Who is brittany snow dating 2016

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Brittany meanwhile has been featured in movies such as John Tucker Must Die, American Dreams and Hairspray.She played Chloe Beale in Pitch Perfect and its sequel released earlier this year.We’re told that rumor of Jenks and Bush's relationship has been making the rounds for weeks, but despite the Bush family’s current lack of political clout, they still wield enough influence to discourage some gossips from making their personal business public.Barbara Bush has done a good job of keeping her personal life out of the headlines, despite coming from such a high profile family.An insider said they were ‘casually’ dating as 2016 approaches.

They were holding hands, but got camera shy when photographers tried to get them to pose together, according to our spies.

Brittany Snow and Andrew Jenks have become a hot item this holiday season.

The 29-year-old actress and 29-year-old filmmaker have been dating, according to an article on Sunday by E! The Pitch Perfect star and documentary filmmaker were spotted together a few days after Thanksgiving at a New York Knicks basketball game at Madison Square Garden.

So we just keep it simple, try not to think about it that much, and just be us. I have this fascination with being on the road, all things music, and the '70s. I don't date musicians anymore, but I still hang out creepily at concerts and venues.

star has reportedly been "casually" dating filmmaker Andrew Jenks.

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