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With the Olympics starting tonight and Valentine's Day on Sunday, it's a pretty event-filled weekend.

Even more so for the athletes at the Olympics — especially ultracute Team USA snowboarders Elena Hight and Greg Bretz.

“Probably, we’ll just go out and snowboard and have fun.” Bretz and Hight, billed last week by one Web site as the “ultimate Olympic couple,” already have their sights on his and hers Olympic medals in this week’s halfpipe competitions on Cypress Mountain. A day later, Hight, 20, looks to improve upon her sixth-place finish in the 2006 Olympic halfpipe in Turin.

— So what do you get for Valentine’s Day for a girlfriend who already has been to the Olympic Games? “I don’t think we really have any plans for Valentine’s Day,” said Greg Bretz, the Anaheim-born, 19-year-old member of the U. Olympic snowboard team, referring to his girlfriend Elena Hight, also an Olympic snowboarder. snowboard team and the last man to be named to the team, is one the sport’s fastest rising stars and will be among the medal contenders Wednesday in what promises to be the most high-flying men’s halfpipe competition in Olympic history.

“We just spent a lot of time together and started getting pretty close.” They also found they had a lot in common. She took up snowboarding after her family moved to Boise, Idaho, and later Lake Tahoe, Nev.

In 2004, Scotty was crowned the last World Quartpipe Champion, as the event was cancelled after that year. Scotty grew up in the wet snows of New Hampshire, and he enjoys hunting and fishing when he’s not on his board.

For more information about MTV's "The Challenge" online CLICK HERE Indian Lake High School Senior Rachael Kimmel got the honor of introducing professional snowboarder and Olympian, Louie Vito.

He delivered a poignant message in their commencement address focusing not on his successes, but rather on his failures.

They met at the beginning of last year, when Greg made it onto the US Snowboarding team. Elena says, "The best thing about Greg is that he finds joy in all of the small things.

He can make any situation fun, no matter what the circumstances are."Elena competed in the '06 Winter Olympics, when she was only 16, so she's been prepping her BF for the big competition.

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On January 25, 2010, only a few weeks before the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, the US Snowboarding team was announced by the US Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA).